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I really…don’t know


Well I kind of do.  Joke character, actually she’s the mix of 2 jokes. One was about how girls get a lot of unwanted attention as an artist, not to mention stupid stereotypes people put into their work. That and the hilariousness of how petty some women are when others get attention for stupid character stuff.  So I added one feature afterward. She never got posted until now,  mainly because this is old and it was meant for another purpose. I don’t count this as smut.

Enough stereotypes met?

Can only draw up to the thighs because person is too stupid to plan out a thumbnail?

Big Anime styled eyes?

Collar – with glow stick for added “coolness”

All other details are secondary to cute anime face

Add one gimmick to make yourself “unique”

You go girl! …shit made the boobs too real…they’re supposed to look like waterballoons attached to the neck :<