QT’s First PC Build

I haven’t been on because I am working full time again, but I also need to move files off a laptop and onto a PC.

I’ve always been painting on my laptop and Painter’s CPU bug is finally catching up to this laptop (not to mention it has been on quite a lot of late).

I originally was going to just buy a PC but it was suggested I’m smart enough to build my own.

I was given this processor thanks to Fossil: http://www.amazon.com/Intel-Extreme-Quad-Core-Processor-1333MHz/dp/B000YQOHM2/

The rest was money from family and what I had saved.

The build consists of the following:

1 Lite On Blu Ray/DVD/CD Rom (reader only)

1 Samsung Lightscribe DVD/CD rom burner

1 500gb Blue Caviar WD drive

1 TB Green WD Drive

4 x2gb of OCZ Platinum DDR3 RAM (8gb)

1 Zalman 9700LED CPU cooler

1 Nvidia 220GT geforce video card (this will change to a Quadro 512gb DDR3  since it’s mostly for PS and 3d Work)

Gigabyte Mother board http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128371

3 Coolmaster BLUE LED Fans

Apevia Warlock 750W PSU

Antec 300 Case

Unfortunately, I cannot find my other camera, so deal with my mediocre cell phone pics.  I think I need to clean up the cables a bit, some I can’t help like the Sata Bracket, and 4pin ATX cable up top – the casing of the Mobo and Zalman makes it difficult to set it (plus the cable is just long enough to reach). I’m not into dremeling the case (nor have the space or room) so forget it.

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Video should work now.

The PC was really made to be my video encoding and art pc. It’s not a gaming PC. I admit I liked doing this, after I move I may end up building more PCs, *nerdgasms* It’s mostly for a future art studio I’m working on.

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