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It helps when you have Color Management on in Painter


The earlier John Singer Sargent piece I’m studying was very washed out.  I hadn’t opened the file in a while because I was tired of Painter crashing on me. What I realized is that the picture I was working on wasn’t as messed up as I thought. I realized I hadn’t set the color management settings properly.

So this is my study so far (still working on it) with color management set on – the right shows how bad it looked because I had it off.

Color Management

I also learned if I am to use the Sargent brush, make sure I have blocks of background color painted in first. It appears the Sargent brush treats the canvas as a background color and diluted my colors by adding in white.

I posted on Concept Art


This was actually at the encouragement of Massive Black /Concept Art owner Jason Manley himself.

Sorry for the name drop, but he was also kind enough to give me some tips on improving my master copy.  I had abandoned it a while ago because of my hand injury and Painter’s instability issues. However, Jason was giving me advice on why some parts looked like mud and he was right on how I need to check my saturation points. I really appreciated it.

Sargent Master Copy - WIP

On the left is the original, the right is my WIP.

I really…don’t know


Well I kind of do.  Joke character, actually she’s the mix of 2 jokes. One was about how girls get a lot of unwanted attention as an artist, not to mention stupid stereotypes people put into their work. That and the hilariousness of how petty some women are when others get attention for stupid character stuff.  So I added one feature afterward. She never got posted until now,  mainly because this is old and it was meant for another purpose. I don’t count this as smut.

Enough stereotypes met?

Can only draw up to the thighs because person is too stupid to plan out a thumbnail?

Big Anime styled eyes?

Collar – with glow stick for added “coolness”

All other details are secondary to cute anime face

Add one gimmick to make yourself “unique”

You go girl! …shit made the boobs too real…they’re supposed to look like waterballoons attached to the neck :<

Bridgman Tonal Studies


I noticed this blog after idling on Concept Art about different methods of studying Bridgman.

The method

Do a tonal study of Bridgman. I grabbed my pencil while on the bus and did a few I’ll post the originals so you can compare them to mine. It was a bit harder…I went with mostly sketches so I’d have to figure out the tones myself. Some of it I had to figure out the inner anatomy. Some fail, but still learning.


Bridgman Sample 1Bridgman Sample 2Bridgman Sample 3Bridgman Sample 4

Granted my attempts, there are five. I just don’t feel like digging up the fifth one. Suffice to say it’s a knee/leg study. I really need a new moleskin, I was reduced to using my water damaged one…

Bridgman Tonal Study

Oh and I have a couple from a year or two ago so you can see the difference when I first attempted to learn from him.

First attempts at studying BridgmanFirst attempts at studying George Bridgman

Practice Practice Practice.

Last batch of Bridgman’s Life Drawings


I ended up filling this mini journal with the rest of these. I am working on filling up 2 more books of studies. I’m almost done with those too.  I have a bit of memory drawings I’m working from to see how much of this knowledge has stuck.  The studies actually spanned 2 sketchbooks, the earlier batch posted a while ago was from a white sketchbook the moleskine ones are a bit yellow but easier on the eyes.  I wanted to discipline myself to study the entire book and I did.

Please, if you do get the book to study get the green one first –

The Green Life Drawing Book is a Must

The Green Life Drawing Book is a Must

I’m looking for Moleskine sketchbooks and my birthday is next month so if anyone can help out,  I’ll be very grateful.

Yet more Bridgman Studies


More George Bridgman


Hi Res of Makeva


Makeva Hi Res

More George Bridgman Studies


This was was a set of studies I did in a Moleskine Journal. That’s why the yellowish look of the paper. I’d like to get a moleskine sketchbook sometime as I have some painting techniques I could try out in that brand of book.

Some of the studies are really warped because the journal had water spilled on it, I switched to another book shortly afterward.  Some of the studies were life drawing studies too, or first attempts at applying Bridgman’s knowledge.

Amayrllis Study


Another portrait pic. I really should work more on my other stuff, but this was just another study. Nothing specialAmaryllis Study