Landscapes and Color Theory

Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting

This was just a small study of mountains. I wanted to try something out on my own with color theory after reading Mattias Snygg’s site on Color Theory

What color are the mountains? Color pick the shadow color and bright color and find out.

This was done in Painter. I used the Variable Flat Oils a bit of Aibrush Fine Spray, Fine Brush Blender from Painter Classic, and a Square Chalk Variant.

I need to draw more landscapes, I think drawing characters is overrated, we need environments for them to live in.

The odd thing during this session was that I heard crying outside my door. When I opened it a tortoiseshell kitten had ran into my room. I was a bit surprised, it was a very cute and affectionate being but I had to get it out of my room since I am allergic to cats. I felt horrible about it. She did love my laptop while I was still trying to paint.

I’m working on another landscape picture I may post tonight, or some old figure studies…

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