I was trying to figure out if I really wanted to post art that didn’t fit in the usual art archives I post in. I started realizing while I could post in the archives, much was left to be desired. I am not a comment hound, and too many people read too much into what one posts on these sites.

The ability to disable comments or have to register for an account just to view art was also irritating. I think having my own art blog was the best solution.

I’m sure people know the word “Doodling” or “Doodle” but what is meant by “Noodling”?

While Wiki defines this as the practice of catching catfish with your bare hands it’s also an art term. It’s a habit that happens with many artists. It’s the habit of not knowing when a piece of art you worked on is finished. You see it as done one day, and come back and continue to “noodle” and tweak it.

I was watching Painting with Fire – a documentary on Frank Frazetta, and one part related to me as an artist. Frank has a bad habit of noodling. When Frank got back his originals, he would often repaint and revise them. The habit is so bad his wife, Ellie refuses to allow him to have the key to the museum for fear he may take a painting down and continue noodling.

I saw the issue arise again reading an article in Imagine FX so now that I’m familiar with this demon, I can’t help but feel it’s a part of my blog. If I revise a picture, I may post a revised version here.

I’m also more likely to post sketch studies, and failures. What I won’t post is everything I draw. Sorry that’s never going to happen.

Welcome anyone who has discovered this blog and I apologize you won’t be able to comment on a lot of entries. I just don’t see the point when sometimes it’s just posting art.

Just let your Soul Glo!


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