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Bridgman Tonal Studies


I noticed this blog after idling on Concept Art about different methods of studying Bridgman.

The method

Do a tonal study of Bridgman. I grabbed my pencil while on the bus and did a few I’ll post the originals so you can compare them to mine. It was a bit harder…I went with mostly sketches so I’d have to figure out the tones myself. Some of it I had to figure out the inner anatomy. Some fail, but still learning.


Bridgman Sample 1Bridgman Sample 2Bridgman Sample 3Bridgman Sample 4

Granted my attempts, there are five. I just don’t feel like digging up the fifth one. Suffice to say it’s a knee/leg study. I really need a new moleskin, I was reduced to using my water damaged one…

Bridgman Tonal Study

Oh and I have a couple from a year or two ago so you can see the difference when I first attempted to learn from him.

First attempts at studying BridgmanFirst attempts at studying George Bridgman

Practice Practice Practice.

Yet more Bridgman Studies


More George Bridgman


More George Bridgman Studies


This was was a set of studies I did in a Moleskine Journal. That’s why the yellowish look of the paper. I’d like to get a moleskine sketchbook sometime as I have some painting techniques I could try out in that brand of book.

Some of the studies are really warped because the journal had water spilled on it, I switched to another book shortly afterward.  Some of the studies were life drawing studies too, or first attempts at applying Bridgman’s knowledge.