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In a Garden, Corfu – Master Copy [Edit]


Had to edit a few things, mostly with the hands (there are 3)

All done with the Sargent Brush in Painter

In a Garden, Corfu - Master Copy Edit

After 90 or so hours…Sargent Study


I remember giving up a while back hoping the next upgrade of Corel Painter would fix the problem I had and it didn’t. I finally finished the image (maybe need to do a few touchups for blending).

I’m posting the high resolution one here.

This is the original:

John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent

Here is my study, in High Res.

In a Garden: Corfu - Master Copy

In a Garden: Corfu - Master Copy

This definitely was about 90 hours or more of work. This was due to the fact Corel Painter has a nasty bug I’ve seen in at least 3 versions.  I often had to go back and rework areas because Painter will quit on you. I did save as frequently as possible though when it will crash was never a certainty.

I really learned a lot with this picture. The goal was to learn about the Sargent Brush in Painter as well as how he did his colors. I spot checked with a picker to see how close or far I was, but I never directly color picked from the source. In some cases, due to the reproduction, I think it would have been worse.  I’m so worn out and will tweak parts of this later. I know I’m definitely spotting the local color now. He definitely had a good eye and knew how to handle color temperatures.

Sargent is definitely a master. If you’re interested in seeing more of his works visit

Anders Zorn is another favorite I may try painting sometime.

I definitely need to give thanks to Jason Manley for his color theory workshop and his help in pushing me in the right direction for this picture. I hope I did it justice!

It helps when you have Color Management on in Painter


The earlier John Singer Sargent piece I’m studying was very washed out.  I hadn’t opened the file in a while because I was tired of Painter crashing on me. What I realized is that the picture I was working on wasn’t as messed up as I thought. I realized I hadn’t set the color management settings properly.

So this is my study so far (still working on it) with color management set on – the right shows how bad it looked because I had it off.

Color Management

I also learned if I am to use the Sargent brush, make sure I have blocks of background color painted in first. It appears the Sargent brush treats the canvas as a background color and diluted my colors by adding in white.

I posted on Concept Art


This was actually at the encouragement of Massive Black /Concept Art owner Jason Manley himself.

Sorry for the name drop, but he was also kind enough to give me some tips on improving my master copy.  I had abandoned it a while ago because of my hand injury and Painter’s instability issues. However, Jason was giving me advice on why some parts looked like mud and he was right on how I need to check my saturation points. I really appreciated it.

Sargent Master Copy - WIP

On the left is the original, the right is my WIP.