Bridgman Tonal Studies

I noticed this blog after idling on Concept Art about different methods of studying Bridgman.

The method

Do a tonal study of Bridgman. I grabbed my pencil while on the bus and did a few I’ll post the originals so you can compare them to mine. It was a bit harder…I went with mostly sketches so I’d have to figure out the tones myself. Some of it I had to figure out the inner anatomy. Some fail, but still learning.


Bridgman Sample 1Bridgman Sample 2Bridgman Sample 3Bridgman Sample 4

Granted my attempts, there are five. I just don’t feel like digging up the fifth one. Suffice to say it’s a knee/leg study. I really need a new moleskin, I was reduced to using my water damaged one…

Bridgman Tonal Study

Oh and I have a couple from a year or two ago so you can see the difference when I first attempted to learn from him.

First attempts at studying BridgmanFirst attempts at studying George Bridgman

Practice Practice Practice.

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  1. 711 Says:

    “First: Read and understand the text as best you can ”

    I wish I could, that book helped me so many times, but I never understood any of the text even with other anatomy art books 🙁 But I do see the difference when you first started to learn from him and using the tonal study. I need to jump on that and try to learn that 😛

    Either way, I sign up to your blog, because it’s awesome to see your studies

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