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Bob Ross

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I’ve been trying to do some exercises in Painter while my hand heals. It had been getting better but recently when I wake up my arm has been tingling on that entire side again.

I got this book from Don Seegmiller and ended up getting his second book on Painter because it was very helpful. I think books are my sex. I have way too many of them. I may as well use them to learn.


Tree Study from Don Seegmiller's Book

Tree Study from Don Seegmiller


Sappy isn’t it? This book is no longer in print but you can look for some used copies: His brushes are on that page as well a sample chapter. He does have a new book out called Advanced Painter techniques, but this older book has a lot of movies he saved which I find very valuable.

Been so tired. I probably won’t be able to finish my plate of commissions if this injury keeps up till the end of the year. I thought it would have healed by now.